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Manifestation Mastery
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DISCOVER: The 17 Powerful 
Universal Laws that can give you 
an almost unfair advantage in 
every aspect of your life.  

Once You Know How To Leverage 
these laws In Your Favor, you Can 
Finally Clear Your Manifesting 
Blockages and Allow The 
Universe to work For YOU. In 
other words, you become 
Discover how your unconscious thoughts may be keeping you from manifesting the life you desire
REVEALED: Discover the 17 powerful laws of manifestation that you can apply instantly to become Unstoppable and break free from your subconscious blockages - allowing you to receive the Universal flow of abundance
Are you a 100% satisfied with
your current lifestyle?
If you are reading this... chances are that you might have already tried several different things to improve your life...

- Spent hundreds of dollars on seminars and retreats and did process after process without getting the results that were promised...

- Reciting affirmations every morning and night religiously without getting anywhere ...

- Maybe you have a car but not your dream car. ..

- Maybe you are still waiting for your lover to sweep you off your feet...

- Maybe the dream job that you have been endlessly waiting for. ..

- Maybe these processes have helped you in attracting some of the things you want but there is plenty more that you would love to attract and attract with certainty...

In other words... you feel like you have more potential but just can't breakthrough beyond your current "Manifestation Ceiling".

The reason that you are stuck is not because you don't have potential or you haven't worked hard enough...or you are doing something wrong...

It's simply because you didn't try to apply the powerful laws of manifestation.

Let me repeat again... If you are not living a life that you love, it is because you are not leveraging the universal laws in your favor.
How using the universal laws
correctly can lead to your
exponential success...
You might have heard about one of the most important Universal Laws - The Law Of Attraction...

...And you might be thinking that you already know all about it and have had enough of all that positive thinking crap... 

However, here is the biggest missing piece...

...Just knowing about the law of attraction is not enough.

That is why so many people struggle with manifesting their desires successfully... even after reading or watching several Law of Attraction programs...

Because Law of Attraction is highly misunderstood and also because it works in conjunction with several other Universal Laws and not as a stand alone Law.

If you don't understand how each of the universal laws work in perfect communion with each other you will often be left wondering why your desires don't manifest with the speed and accuracy that you would prefer.
Why understanding your thoughts will change your reality...
If there is one thing that is common amongst all successful and happy people around the world... is a conscious recognition of the fact that thoughts become things... ​

Today scientists agree to the fact that 99.99% of our Universe is energy.

Non-physical, non-local energy that is all pervasive...

Which means the solid universe is not solid at all! 

So, what is the driving force behind all this energy?


Numerous experiments conducted all over the world point out to the inescapable fact that our thoughts and emotions (i.e energy in motion) directly influence our outward environment.
DID YOU KNOW you have the power to influence the environment around you?
Dr. William Braud had conducted an eye-opening research at the Mind Science Foundation, San Antonio, Texas.

He proved that humans had the potential to slow down the death rate of red blood cells just by using the power of their minds.

The results of his extensive research have been discussed in his book "Distant Mental Influence" which clearly indicates that our thoughts have the power to influence our reality positively and negatively.

​ In a seperate experiement conducted by Dr. Cleve Baxter, it was evident that plants reacted stongly to human emotions and so did the single celled organism like bacteria and fungi... 

The results of these experiements have been documented in the book "The secret life of plants". All this data indicates one thing - our thoughts effect the world around us.
Your life is no different...
In Japan, Dr. Masaru Emoto's water experiments conducted during the 1990s proved that our thoughts and emotions could physically alter the crystalline structure of water.

He found that the water samples exposed to positive thoughts such as love and joy formed beautiful water crystals while the water exposed to thoughts of hatred or anger failed to form a crystal.

More than 60% of the human body is water. The bodies of plants and animals is also primarily water. 

Can you imagine the power that your thoughts exert over you and your environment? Especially when those thoughts are repeated on a daily basis...
The problem with most self-help programs
You need quality information that is based on scientific facts and evidence...

...Not just some mechanical action steps that disintegrate in the face of everyday reality of modern living... 

You need to know how manifestations REALLY happen and WHY things are the way they are. ​

Usually it takes people years to figure all this out after attending multiple seminars and reading dozens of self help books and spending a good deal of money, time and energy looking for what really works.

The problem don't have the time or money for that.

How many self help retreats can you practically afford to attend in a year?

If you are like most people with a job and family responsibilities, then the answer is not many if any at all... And yet, you still want your dream lifestyle don't you?
You need to learn about the art of Manifestation Mastery in a manner that is easy to understand...

...that doesn't involve you taking off from work or making travel arrangements...

...and most importantly...a program that doesn't need you to do a dozen different things to make your dreams a reality.

I mean really, do you need any more things on your to do list?

...What if you could do all this without reading dozens of books, attending multiple seminars or through numerous trial and error?

You need a program that is proven, time-tested and infalliable because they are based on the universal principles of manifestation... 

...And you need all this in a condensed form. Like a high doze vitamin B-12 shot that gives you instant energy.

...You need a radical shift in your perception so that you can perceive opportunities where others only perceive trouble.

Why? Because times have changed.

You don't have time to wade through pages after pages of numerous books... 

You don't have time to do any more rituals or time consuming techniques that don't work half the time. 
The Choice Is Yours: Do you want to start manifesting your desires today?
If you are willing to do what it takes, this course could be your gateway to unlocking and living up to the potential that this lifetime holds for you...

because the truth is... is it very easy to change your life once you start understanding the "rules of the game" which are the core principles of manifestation...

When it comes to manifesting your dreams, there is more than just the law of attraction that you need to be aware of...

Believe me, I've seen huge shifts happening in people's lives when they start truly understanding and applying these core universal principles of creation... that's why it gives me such a thrill to help people understand and apply these laws in their daily lives and hear them report amazing life altering experiences...

"People often mistake "liking" for LOVING. But here is the big difference... when you like yourself you work hard to make money to pay bills and get married etc etc. But when you really learn to love yourself, you spend time nurturing and nourishing your soul."

Annindita during live seminar
How do i Manifest my Desires? 
it's pretty simple actually:
just use these tools and become the creator of your own reality
After teaching numerous seminars and conducting personal consultations over the past 5 years, I know exactly what tools and techniques will work to bring about the biggest changes in the shortest time span possible. These tools are so easy that anyone can do them and I'm positive that you will find them beneficial and handy. All you need is your willingness to apply these tools and principles in your daily life and allow the magic to unfold...
Before I explain these spiritual tools, let me show you how dramatically your life will change once you start using these tools.
Impact on Your Wealth Consciousness
Lower Consciousness
With just a little bit of honesty, you can tell if you are operating at a low wealth consciousness or at a high wealth consciousness. 

And it doesn't always have to do with your bank balance. 

There are plenty of rich people in the world who are generating wealth from lower levels of consciousness by cheating, hoarding or stealing from others. 

That is not the kind of wealth that brings you any real peace of mind or joy and that is not what this course is about.
Higher Consciousness
When you are generating wealth guided by your higher self or in other words from a higher consciousness level, you enjoy what you do and people value your service. 

You always have enough money for whatever you need and there is plenty to share around. 

You don't feel needy or greedy even though you are constantly looking for more and more opportunities for growth. 

You feel satisfied with your life and eager for more.
What this means to YOU:
With the help of these tools you can become a magnet for unlimited wealth and abundance.
Impact on Your Health
Operating at low consciousness levels takes a toll on your body, mind and spirit because its against your true nature. 

As a result a lot of health challenges emerge if you have been operating from lower consciousness levels for a long time. 

From minor stress and anxiety to more serious issues like auto-immune disorders, cancer, heart disease etc are all caused by low vibrational energy.
When you learn to operate on a daily basis at a higher level of consciousness, every area of your life improves, including your health. 

As your consciousness raises, you will automatically feel inclined to make certain lifestyle and diet changes without even trying hard. 

You will feel inclined towards healthier choices and feel increasingly energized and light everyday. 

What this means to YOU:
When you learn to shift your vibration to a higher level you automatically stay healthy and look younger than your age.
Impact on Your Relationships
If you have been a magnet to drama-trauma in relationships, its because at a lower consciousness level people are influenced by emotions of guilt, shame, anger, frustration, jealousy and so on. 

At this level true love is often confused with possessiveness, control issues and demanding behavior coming from deep rooted feelings of insecurity and unworthiness. 

But the good news is - its not your fault and its never too late to change things around. 
When you start operating at a higher level of consciousness you become more and more unconditional in your love. 

As a result you become very attractive to others who are of a like vibration and are unconditionally loving towards you as well. 

You become more loving towards yourself and others and your relationships reflect your new reality of true freedom and joy which is at the core of unconditional love.
What this means to YOU:
Your higher vibrations will help you attract people who are also at a higher frequency which means your relationships will be more unconditional and meaningful.
Impact on Your Job & Career
When you are operating from a lower level of consciousness or at a lower vibratory level, success at job and career (if at all) takes a heavy toll on your personal life. 

Work life balance becomes an issue. 

You also might feel lost and lack a sense of purpose and direction with regards to your career path. 

May be feel stuck at an unsatisfying job and feeling afraid to venture out towards your true calling for fear of failure.
When you learn to train yourself into a higher vibrational state of being, you automatically start attracting the right information, people and circumstances into your life that brings you closer and closer towards your desired job and career. 

Events start lining up synchronistically and your life seems free flowing, fun and joyful. 

You prosper and succeed at your work with ease.
What this means to YOU:
When you learn to train yourself at a higher frequency you attract great work opportunities and fulfilling career options.
Impact on Your Quality of Life
If your life has always felt like a struggle and your desires never came into fruition, you might have blaming your past life or karma or may be your parents and circumstances. 

When in reality your life is difficult because you somehow picked up ideas and beliefs that makes you see the world from a lower level of consciousness. 

It is NOT your fault if today your life feels like a complete mess with no sense of direction because you didn't know better. 

But blaming circumstances is not going to help either. 

The only thing that can turn things around is learning new ways of thinking and feeling that resonates with higher conscious living.
When you start living your life from a higher level of consciousness, your life starts unfolding in the perfect manner. 

Manifestations speed up and the Universe constantly keeps surprising and delighting you in meaningful ways. 

You income, health, relationships, self confidence and sense of fulfillment in life expands many folds. 

Things you never thought possible for you becomes possible all of a sudden. 

You experience what many call living in grace.
What this means to YOU:
You will see a complete transformation in the overall quality of your life once you start living from a higher consciousness. Your life will never be the same again.
Go Beyond Goal Setting, Visualizations and Affirmations with These Tools Which Will Train You to Train Your Vibration and Enable You to Manifest Like a Master... not in years but in weeks and days...
When you begin understanding and applying the principles of manifestation and the tools that are part of this program you will begin experiencing unexpected transformations in every aspect of your life. Your life will change instantaneously.

I know this because I have seen changes happen instantly.Its like a light bulb going on and years of negative conditioning just dissolves in seconds... It happens in the blink of an eye.

If you wish to experience the same, then i'm really excited for you! And im so happy to be able to share with you this unique set of tool and techniques that I have used to shift not only my life but the life of many others. 

So here it is...
Here is what you will learn
Introducing Manifestation Mastery
A Transformational Set of Scientifically Proven Tools and Techniques so you can start Manifesting Your Desires today
To help you accelerate your manifestation process so you can finally start living the life of your dreams. The Manifestation Mastery program is the solution to the struggles and obstacles faced by you on a daily basis. Be it workplace related or problems on the home and personal front. There isn't an area of life that this course doesn't cover.

The unique set of manifestation principles covered in this program along with the powerful NLP based meditations with embedded brainwave synchronization music for maximum results will leave you feeling unstoppable... that's our promise.

1. The 17 Forgotten and Highly Misunderstood Laws Of Creation

If you were under the impression that the Law of Attraction is the only Universal Law of creation and manifestation, then you're in for a surprise. This is where most of the self help programs and books fall short. They only talk about the law of attraction and fail to address the other laws which go hand in hand.

When you learn about the 17 Universal Laws of Creation you start understanding why it is important to detach from your desires and how you can get a positive experience out of seemingly negative situations. You will understand why you have been unable to fight against all the unwanted things in your life and how you can finally start getting what you want without the fight and struggle.

2. Examining Your Limiting Beliefs

Ever wondered why success comes so easily to some and with so much difficulty to others? Back in the 1970s, Psychotherapists Richard Bandler and John Grinder started studying the characteristics of top achievers from across the world and came to the conclusion that successful people have a different neurological wiring than unsuccessful ones. They developed a model of achievement known as NLP, that could help anyone get past their limiting beliefs and achieve whatever they want. 

The exercises in the Manifestation Mastery program are based upon the same "technology of achievement" principles developed by the founders of NLP. These exercises will help you examine your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and guide you towards new beliefs that are beneficial for you.

3. The Little Known Principle of Passion and Purpose

Discover the connection between your life purpose and what you are truly passionate about in this life time. Most self help teachers tell you what you should or should not do and try to put everyone under certain "labels" they have created. These labels could be based upon energy profiling or Jungian archetypes or any other concept that they resonate with. 

The human consciousness is far too complex and it is not very effective when people are put under broad categories. Everyone is unique and there is no one way that is good for all. When you use processes that worked for others but got no results for you, it is not because you are not doing them properly but because those processes are not for you. All rituals are just permission slips that might help you become more of who you truly are. But if you are tired of rituals and processes, then its time for you to DISCOVER who you are so you don't need any more permission slips for living your life fully.

4. The 6 Keys To An Awesome Life

If all you take away from this course is these 6 keys and you follow them to the "T" your life will never be the same again. These 6 keys to living an awesome life contains the essence of all the universal principles combined together and provided to you in 6 easy to remember steps. 

If all you implement from the entire program is only these steps, you will still see powerful shifts in your life.

5. Deeply Transformational Gratitude Meditation To Kick Start Your Mornings

As you will learn from the program, Gratitude and Appreciation has a very high vibrational frequency. As a result, nothing can be as transformational as setting the tone of your day right by doing this 10 minute morning meditation ritual and then seeing the difference in your circumstances as the days go by. 

Your friends and family who have known you will be in for a surprise when they see the new you and how well your life as transformed. They might think you just got lucky but you will know that its far more than luck. Its you taking your true power and allowing the God Force to manifest through you.

6. The Life Purpose Exercise to help you Discover Your True Purpose In Life

If you have been feeling lost with regards to your true purpose or calling in life then this is the exercise for you to get clarity on who you truly are and what you are meant to be doing in this life experience. Even those who thought they knew what their life purpose was were pleasantly surprised by the new insights that they received about their evolving life paths. 

Often people lose their true paths by taking upon themselves the tasks that their families or the society wants them to perform. In the long run if their no course correction, this might lead to frustration, anxiety, depression and a general feeling of discontentment from life. The life purpose meditation is meant to help you to navigate your way out of an unfulfilled life, job and career by aligning with your soul's true calling.

7. A Powerful NLP Technique That Reprograms Your Negative Stories Into Positive Experiences That You Can Learn And Benefit From

Annindita guides you through a unique exercise that re-wires your brain to think differently about your past negative experiences based on fear, anger, hate, insecurity or any other negative state of being and helps you transmute them into positive energy by giving you the ability to think outside of your rigid ways of habitual thought patterns. 

The less negative stories you have about your life the lighter you will start to feel. Your new happy state of being will impact all areas of your life from money to health to relationships.

8. A Unique Exercise For Enhancing Self-Love

This is another extremely powerful NLP based exercise that will help you to experience greater levels of self-love and appreciation. This in turn boosts your self esteem and confidence and also vibrationally aligns you towards attracting people and relationships where you feel appreciated and truly loved. 

After doing this exercise, students have reported feeling "profound self-love for themselves in areas they never thought possible" and also "a feeling of wholeness". This technique especially helps those who are too self critical or have relationship issues. When you learn to love and appreciate yourself more you project more love and appreciation towards others as well. It is because you cannot offer to another that which you don't already have.
That's not all - you can further enhance your manifestation skills by:

Understanding What Your Emotions Indicate

Why is this important? Because your emotions are energy in motion. And it is a well known fact that energy flows where attention goes. Learning to hack the manifestational process can never be accomplished without understanding the role your emotions play.

Trusting Your Inner Voice Of Intuitive Guidance

Have you ever come across a situation where you had an inner voice telling you to do something that absolutely defies all logic? Did you eventually give in to this inner voice or did you let your logic win or to discover later that if you would have heard your intuitive nudge things would have worked out better?

Hacking Into The Manifestation Process

Learn to speed up your manifestation process by understanding simple energy physiscs and learning how to leverage the Universal energy in your favor. And the best part is you can learn while you are busy driving to work or home. You don't have to take out extra time for most of this stuff!

Learning To Attract Everything You Want Without Any More Lengthy Processes And Rituals

Why is this important? Because your emotions are energy in motion. And it is a well known fact that energy flows where attention goes. Learning to hack the manifestational process can never be accomplished without understanding the role your emotions play.

Learning To Manifest Like A Master

I have to be completely honest here. These universal laws or principles have not been discovered by me. I have only studied them in great detail and learnt how to apply them masterfully. And that's what this course will be teaching you. I have not invented these laws. These are the lost secrets of ancient zen masters and monks and have been found in many spiritual scriptures and books across the planet. I have only gathered and compiled the works of great spiritual teachers and put them together in this course in an easy to understand manner.

Learning All This In Days Not Years

It took me years of reading dozens of books and attending numerous trainings to know what I know today. If only I would have found a comprehensive course full with information and examples to teach me about the Laws of Manifestation, it wouldn't have taken me so long to get it. But you can save years of work by leveraging the information that I have gathered and put together in this program.

Learning To Recognize The Right Opportunities And Make The Right Decisions For You

The universe is constantly giving you signals about what is good for you. But are you receiving the signals? Your wishes are being granted all day every day, but where are you when the Universe is bestowing its blessings? This training is meant to put you in the "receptive mode" so you don't miss out on the signals again.

Learning All Of The Above While On The Go!

We know how busy your life is and we have created this course keeping in mind your lifestyle needs. You can listen to the training while driving to work or while working out on the treadmill by using your smart phone or tablet. No more wasting hours in the traffic feeling frustrated. You can now start using those lost hours for improving your life.
Decide Later... Take As Much Time As You Need And Try "Manifestation Mastery" For A Full 30 Days.
Triple guarantee for your 100% satisfaction and inner peace 
The sheer quality and depth of information in every lesson of the Manifestation Mastery program will exceed your every expectation. Even the online membership area has been made with the greatest of care so as to ensure your ease of navigation and give you a positive experience.
Once you start understanding and applying the Principles of Creation taught in the Manifestation Mastery program, you’ll begin noticing a correlation between your thoughts and how they have manifested. This awareness will help you in becoming a more mindful and deliberate creator and in expanding your horizons in ways you never thought possible before. You can contact us anytime for personalized support, guidance and tips.
Guarantee #3: MASSIVE IMPACT
The Manifestation Mastery program is designed to empower you to live an uncompromised life and spark profound positive changes in every aspect of your life. Our students have reported massive improvements in their careers, love life and overall sense of well-being, success and health by applying the principles and techniques taught in this course.
Bonus 1
An Easy and Effective Exercise For Dealing With Procrastination
This is a powerful NLP exercise in the form of a meditation that will enable you to deal with procrastination effectively. Firstly by recognizing it and re-prioritizing your work focus and secondly by understanding the causes and rewiring your brain with an effective anti-procrastination technique that will create an almost instant shift in your approach towards your important tasks at hand. This means, all those goals which have so far been only on paper will now begin to materialize.
Bonus 2
Sacred Mantras For Breakthrough Abundance: E-book
The word "Mantra" in Sanskrit means mind's instrument. "Man" meaning mind and "tra" meaning instrument. The sound of "tra" also means free. Mantras have always been a powerful tool to set the mind free of negative thoughts. You will learn some of the most powerful ancient Sanskrit mantras, (some of which are thousands of years old) to magnetize more abundance in your life and create breakthroughs in each area of your life. You will also learn how to use Mantras with Meditation for maximum benefit.
Bonus 3
"Letting Go Off the Past" Exercise
Often in life we hold on to the past and keep repeating the same patterns over and over again. Without becoming consciously aware of these patterns, it is hard to let go off them. This exercise is designed to help you identify the past stories that you have been holding on to and eventually allowing yourself to let them go. Like Tony Robbins says- "what we tell ourselves is what we believe". An empowering story will create a life full of wonderful opportunities and experiences. But a self limiting story will hinder your growth and success. That's why it is important to identify these stories and remove them from your subconscious.
Bonus 4
"Healing Your Body Image" Exercise
Believe it or not, but how you view your physical body impacts your level of self esteem to big extent. By learning to deal with your body image issues you can start experiencing higher level of self confidence in your career, relationships and life in general. We all know how magnetic a self confident person is to those around him/her. When you learn to love yourself the world begins to love you. True love always begins from the self. When you love yourself you automatically care for yourself from a place of higher consciousness instead of dieting and exercising to punish or discipline yourself. It is easier to take care of your body when the actions you take are out of compassion and not compulsion. 
Bonus 5
"Letting Go Off the Past" Exercise
The Manifestation Mastery program provides you a unique tool to convert frustrating and unresourceful situations in your life into resourceful ones. This is a powerful NLP technique especially helpful in situations where you feel stuck and it feels like you have no other alternatives. By practicing this technique you will begin to feel more self controlled, calm, centered and start making intelligent decisions in your life.
Bonus 6
Developing Playfulness by Connecting With Your Inner Child
Often as adults we forget the value of being childlike. We lose our innocence or state of grace that we are originally born into. With the help of this exercise, you will be able to reconnect with your inner child and rekindle the spark of playfulness that you might have lost fighting the daily battles of everyday life. You will be able to be more lighthearted and bring more playfulness into your daily life. 
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  •  6 Meditations with special brainwave entrainment music for experiencing higher states of consciousness 
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Plus Bonuses:
  •  BONUS #1: Dealing with Procrastination Meditation with 27-100 Hz Gamma waves
  •  BONUS #2: Dealing with Anger Exercise with 8hz Alpha waves
  • BONUS #3: Letting go off the past Meditation with 10 Hz Alpha Binaural beats
  •  BONUS #4: Developing Playfulness Meditation with 4.5 Hz Theta waves
  •  BONUS #5: Sacred Mantras for Breakthrough Abundance E-book
  •  BONUS #6: Powerful NLP Exercise to Convert Frustrating Situations Into New Opportunities for Growth
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What people are saying about the Manifestation Mastery and Annindita Palaus
Order now & receive:
  •  24 Modules of Manifestation Mastery with powerful spiritual manifestation tools 
  •  6 Meditations with special brainwave entrainment music for experiencing higher states of consciousness 
  •  30-day No questions asked Money Back Guarantee
Plus Bonuses:
  •  BONUS #1: Dealing with Procrastination Meditation with 27-100 Hz Gamma waves
  •  BONUS #2: Dealing with Anger Exercise with 8hz Alpha waves
  • BONUS #3: Letting go off the past Meditation with 10 Hz Alpha Binaural beats
  •  BONUS #4: Developing Playfulness Meditation with 4.5 Hz Theta waves
  •  BONUS #5: Sacred Mantras for Breakthrough Abundance E-book
  •  BONUS #6: Powerful NLP Exercise to Convert Frustrating Situations Into New Opportunities for Growth
Don't Miss Out On This Unbeatable Offer. 
Decide Later... Take As Much Time As You Need And Try "Manifestation Mastery" At A Special Price With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Immediate Access...
No Waiting!
Get instant access to digital online program
Physical CDs 
Shipped Directly To You...
Get physical CDs 
shipped directly to you
Best Offer! 
Get Immediate Access and Physical CDs...
Program shipped to you AND immediate access to digital online program
Please note that VAT charges will be applicable if your billing address is based in EU.
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What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Manifestation Mastery?
Q: How is Manifestation Mastery better than any other self-help course?
The Manifestation Mastery program is unlike any other program in terms of the comprehensive step-by-step curriculum covering detailed understanding of the Universal laws, quick and powerful mental exercizes, brand new mind empowerment tools and eye opening insights about the manifestation mechanism that would enable you to see clearly what you have been doing wrong and needs to be corrected and what you have been doing right so you can focus more energy on those.
Q: I noticed you have 24 audio sessions and an e-book as part of this program. I have a very busy lifestyle. How do you suggest I take out time for this program?
Each audio session covers a unique Universal Law or Principle Of Manifestation, which means they’re all self-contained and you’re free to listen to them at your own pace. So you can set aside some time in the morning or before you go to sleep, or while driving to and from work. Also don’t worry about missing a few days here and there. Remember, its not the speed with which you finish the course that matters. It is the degree to which you start applying what you learn on a moment by moment basis. 
Q: I have tried other programs with great promises but didn't see the results. Why would Manifestation Mastery be any different?
The benefits of the Manifestation Mastery program stretches across all areas of your life. You’ll start making better decisions, go further in your career, improve your relationships, and even get a clearer view of your life purpose. Unlike other programs that gives you dozens of lengthy processes or rituals to perform everyday, this program focuses on understanding the mechanics of manifestation. Its like learning the alphabets so you can spell the words and write sentences faster. Imagine trying to write a sentence in a language whose alphabets you are not familiar with. It is a lot harder! Most of our students have informed us that the Manifestation Mastery program amplified these benefits beyond any other material they may have gone through.
Q: Do I need any prior training to use the Manifestation Mastery program adequately?
The Manifestation Mastery program has been developed keeping in mind the challenges of our modern day life and it has been made in a manner that will be suitable for beginners as well as advanced spiritual practitioners. The course is thorough and goes into the minutest details of the science and art of Manifestation.
Q: How fast will I start seeing results?
Some students start seeing results in a few days while for others it might take a few weeks. It is really a case by case thing and depends on the level of consciousness you have been operating at before starting the program. All of our students who have decided to keep the program and apply the laws on a daily basis have see 100% results in their lives.
Q: Will my results be equivalent to an attendee of a live workshop?
I’ve released my live workshop training in audio recordings multiple times in the past, and I’ve seen it work for thousands of people every single time. This is because the Manifestation Mastery Home Training Program gives you the exact same content, tools and exercises as the live experience. Yes, you will be missing out on the live factor, and you won’t be able to ask me questions face to face—but you’re still free to email me at any time, and connect with the Facebook community of other fellow students by joining the closed Facebook group through the membership area. In other words, you can still expect the same results.
Outstanding Customer Support
Team of professional and friendly customer support available to help you with any question. We are here for you via email, chat and phone.
Mobile Friendly
Manifestation Mastery Program is delivered in a mobile friendly format so you can easily learn on the go. *Compatible with Mac, PC, iPhone and Android devices to name a few.
6 Powerful Meditation Exercises
Program contains 6 powerful meditations embedded with state of the art brainwave entrainment frequencies for manifestation. They help you to experience enhanced relaxation, clarity and intuition through altered states of consciousness.
Multiple Modality Education
Annindita's NLP based educational approach focuses on multiple modality learning. It create massive positive changes through replacing old thought patterns with new and desirable behavior. 
Personal Support from Annindita
You will study at your own pace and have Annindita on your side to assist you in getting the most out of your training and meditations.
Empowering Group
When you sign up for Manifestation  Mastery course, you automatically get invited to join Facebook group of other empowered minds and souls like you, where you can freely share your spiritual journey and be unconditionally supported by the community.
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